The idea of making a leap of faith during your working life can be exciting but, for most of us, you are likely not to do so because of the "what if it doesn't work out?" question. Yet, unless you are self-employed, its almost inevitable that one day you are going to be faced with having to make the leap of faith into a life that doesn't include a full-time job.

When it comes to helping people work out what they will do when they leave full time work, it's rather strange selling people a future they cannot know nor can I predict. In a sense I am trying to sell a product that the potential buyer knows nothing about. Financial planners can at least work with what’s in your pocket /bank but I have to work with what’s in your mind - a mind which is likely to be negative about a future without fulltime work.  No matter how many positive concepts I can put to you, its’ hard to shake the many outdated images of “retirement” – old, invisible, valueless, loss of identity …you can add a few of your own I am sure.

It’s now 16 years since fulltime work and I parted company so let me say very clearly about the old concepts of retirement – they are now all bs! Life after work today is about a very important step forward and no different to any other major change in life you have faced – when you started work, got married, had children, when the kids left home, whatever. What you did then was totally up to you (with the support of your life partner). Nothing’s different about leaving work. I had to make my own decisions and here I am thoroughly enjoying being a life mentor.

The beauty of life after work is that I was released from obligations and external pressures of bosses, corporate policies, clients, shareholders, workplace cultures and the like. I became free to be me, to do what I love, to mix with the people I choose to be with and to help people in my way, using not just my skills but my depth of understanding life. It is a most exciting and releasing feeling!

What you do continues to be your choice. You have been ageing since the day you were born …’old’ is an optional choice and I chose not to be old.

Only you can decide your future. My job is to help you remember all of the strengths your life to date has been built on, creating your own foundation on which to choose and build your exciting future. Not when you retire…now! I can help you.

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