Can you imagine how you would feel if one day you woke up and found your identity had been stolen by an online thief? No money, no bank account, no credit rating, a ghost walking around in society? May it never happen to you or to me.

Yet it’s that sort of thinking that can keep you awake at night when you think of the prospect of retiring from fulltime work - after the obligatory trip overseas. Perceived loss of identity, self-esteem, becoming invisible, unwanted….the perceptions go on. The more professional and purposeful your current career may be, the greater your likely fear.

Let me end those fears right here…no-one but no-one can steal your authentic self, the person who is unique in human history, with your natural talents and your developed skills, experience, knowledge, perspective and depth of understanding. The self you have created to date , loved by your family and tribe and respected for who you are, not for what you do.

The 21st century world is crying out for people with your talents and (especially!) your depth of understanding humanity. Some thoughtful re-creation of your authentic self and you are on the way to finding a new sense of place, value, purpose, self-esteem and deep enjoyment. Just stay as the positive opportunist you have always been.  It may not be an easy life but you will definitely be at ease with the fact that you have done it all for the sheer joy of valuing yourself and being valued by perhaps a whole new tribe of like-minded people.

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