Tips for Helping Your Transition to Life After Work

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  • The problem isn't planning for living after work. The problem is the reluctance to do anything about it until it's too late

    If you are in the age range of 50 – 65 and still in the workforce, you have two possible futures to consider:

    1. To perceive your future as we did in the 20th century – as being on a downhill slide to retirement – not just from work but from a life of purpose and value. The 21st century world has changed dramatically but those perceptions still hang around like a bad smell….or
    2. Knowing you can continue to be healthy, mentally active, loving living life to the full and retaining a sense of value, purpose and identity, whether or not you are in paid work.

    Planning what you will do after you leave work is just as important as your financial planning.

    I and many of my clients have been through the process and come out successfully at the other end. But it doesn't just happen. I have a program designed around reviewing your strengths, your differences and your 'individual-ness'.

    "Transition Tips" is the second of my free “ease-books” on this topic. You can download and use/distribute (in full only) as you wish (we don't even capture your email address). Please share the ebook with anyone you know who you think it may interest.

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Click here to download my first free "ease-book" “A Tree Doesn’t Stop Growing at 65 Nor Do You”

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