It's Time to Enjoy Being Your True Self

The world has changed!  To the point that it’s time to change the basic rules for success in life.

I believe every person was born to enjoy living their best life by developing their talents/gifts, following their passions to allow their natural potential to blossom.

For nearly 50 years I have professionally fought against the traditional work ethic from the life (leisure/enjoyment) ‘other’ side of the wall.  The Covid-driven paradigm shift in world thinking tells me it’s time to replace the  Work Ethic with a life Ethic.  

It's all contained in my new book, just out (July 2023), "Free To Be Me: Why a Life Ethic is Replacing the Work Ethic". Available from all Amazon sites in print and ebook formats.   Buy it, read it and then invite me to speak about it.  

 I am passionate about the fact that no matter how much the world changes, the unique individual within each of us is the solid unchanging rock on which we can and will always be able to adapt to any change in our life circumstances.

Other Topics typically asked of me to speak on include:

"Why Taking the Path Less Travelled Has Made All the Difference"   Peter's 50-years journey working on the 'other side' of the work ethic wall and how what he learned can help every business person.

“Why the second half of life is the richest half”  “Rich” here has nothing to do with financial wealth, rather the richness of our minds.

The “Bell Curve” Lifecycle is out….Exponential Growth for Life is in”

“Busting the myths of old, ageing and retirement”

“How to make a seamless transition to life after work, without experiencing the retirement ‘bump’

Earlier presentation topics include

"Backing Leisure to Win" - a keynote presentation to the World Urban Parks and Leisure Conference, Melbourne, 2018

“From Boomer to Bloomer – Creating the Next Chapter of Your Life” -  Skype presentation to staff of the American Association for Retired Persons,   Washington DC

“Stress Management Within the OHS Culture” – Botanic Gardens of Adelaide Staff

“Beating Burnout” – Financial Counselors Association, South Australian Branch,

Bookings - Phone Peter on 0417 817 027 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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