Peter's presentations make naturally good sense!

 My People Gardener approach is based on 50 years of connecting the basic principles of personal development with nature's principles of growth. In this dramatically changed world, it has become crucial to step back and consider our personal situations from a simpler perspective, one that naturally makes sense.

Is your business or community organisation looking for a keynote presentation and would find this approach to life valuable?  Let's talk about booking me to speak at an upcoming event.  I have even created a standard introduction I would urge hosts to use when welcoming me to your stage:

 "Wouldn’t you love to live, grow and blossom to your full natural potential?  A potential that maximizes the use of your talents, gifts and interests?  A life in which you truly enjoy being your authentic self?   Does that sound too fantastic?


It’s not only possible, it’s what was intended of you.  Everything else in nature does it and you are a natural creation, so why not?  An acorn, for example, has all the ingredients to become an oak.    It can never become a fruit tree.


For centuries we humans have been conned into believing money is everything, that we should do what we are told to do, not what we want to do.  Nature scratched its head in wonder at us ‘human acorns’ trying to contort ourselves into ‘artificial fruit trees’. 


The world has now dramatically changed. We can do our own thing, our own way, for our own purposes.   Be free to go back to the basic natural growth principles of unlocking our true potential.


Our next speaker is the person to show us how. He worked professionally for 25 years as a parks and recreation planner, bringing people and nature together. For the last 20 years he has used that experience to help people get their natural growth back on track as Australia’s People Gardener


 Let’s wave our limbs, branches and leaves as we welcome to the stage to show us how to grow better people... speaker, author and  Australia’s People Gardener – Peter Nicholls"


Other speaking topics include:

My latest book, "Free To Be Me: Why a Life Ethic is Replacing the Work Ethic". Doctorzed Publishing, Adelaide 2023. Available on Amazon.  

The world has changed. I am passionate about the fact that no matter how much the world changes, the unique individual within each of us is the solid unchanging rock on which we can and will always be able to adapt to any change in our life circumstances.

“Why the second half of life is the richest half”.  Richness of life, as distinct from the riches of wealth” .

Recreation is about re-creating energy” – a gentle presentation on the energizing benefits of all things we love doing. Especially popular with people in their second half of life, many of whom perceive recreation as being ‘all things physical’.

"Why Taking the Path Less Travelled Has Made All the Difference"   Peter's 50-years journey working on the 'other side' of the work ethic wall and how his experiences can help left-field thinking for every business person.

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