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Peter Nicholls Walks His Talk
Peter Nicholls Walks His Talk

It's Time to Enjoy Being Your True Self

Before Covid-19 I was specializing in the transition from work to a new life adventure.  Now the big issue is the  massive uncertainty of life as we emerge into a new post-virus era.  It's a major shift in your life, which of course happens to be my area of expertise.

Never more than now has “It’s time to enjoy being your true self” become more vital to clarifying your personal transition through this weird phase of human existence.  As it happens, my first book, published in 2001, was Enjoy Being You. Covid has brought its vital theme back into vogue.

My current speaking topic centres around the “Seven Features for Enjoying Being Your Self” as displayed in this hexagon

These features form the basis of (re) discovering how enjoying being your true self is  at the core of making sense of your purpose in life as a unique individual.  Each person in my audiences takes what I say differently to everyone else in the room. Say I had an audience of 100, its like giving 100 presentations at once.

  My corporate focus is "How to Build the Enjoyment Factor into the Workplace Culture". 

Again, each individual person in the organisation (including the CEO) has sole rights to deciding what they enjoy about their work, sustains their mental fitness and knows what is needed to perform at their best to help achieve team and corporate goals.

Prior to Covid-19 I was giving special attention to helping people make the emotional transition from full-time work to whatever "life after work" means to them individually.  My key topics in that regard were (and still are):

“Busting the myths of old, ageing and retirement” and

“How to make a seamless transition from to life after work, without experiencing the retirement ‘bump’

It's now over 15 years since I personally made that shift - and it was indeed a big mindshift for me.  I was 62 and I vividly recall sitting alone in my home staring at the wall, saying to myself, "I could sit here all day and no-one would give a damn". It was then I realized I was the only person who could do anything about it

Today I owe my successful re-invention as a Life Mentor  to one crucial fact - I backed my true self and all the natural gifts, experiences, knowledge, understanding of life, passions, insights, persepctive and wisdom that make up the real me. 

As a client put it recently. "While Peter's story is itself inspirational, the real life-changing value of his services are in Peter's ability to help you clarify the how why and what of backing yourself at those critical stages of life when your future is clouded, uncertain and in need of clear decisions".

Over the years as a Life Mentor, I have helped people deal with a wide range of personal growth issues, including work life harmony, mental fitness as well as planning for life after work. My past presentations include:

"Busting the Myths of 'Ageing' and 'Old' " - a presentation to

  • members of the Jack Young Community Centre,     Salisbury Adelaide September 2019
  • the Indian-Australian Association, SA Branch – Adelaide February 2020

"There is Life After Work" a public talk to the Burnside Council community, June 2019

"Backing Leisure to Win" - a keynote presentation to the World Urban Parks and Leisure Conference, Melbourne, 2018

“From Boomer to Bloomer – Creating the Next Chapter of Your Life” -  Skype presentation to staff of the American Association for Retired Persons,   Washington DC

“Leisure in a Changing World" – a Keynote Presentation to the Parks and Leisure Australia's Annual National Conference,

“Stress Management Within the OHS Culture” – Staff of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

“Beating Burnout” – Financial Counselors Association, South Australian Branch, Professional Development    Seminar

Bookings - Phone Peter on 0417 817 027 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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