Enjoy Being You

Don't let the world deny you your right to enjoy being your true self!

How leisure can help you become the person you want to be

Enjoy Being You ...

  • Encourages you to search for your true identity
  • Dares you to turn your dreams into reality
  • Entices you to unwrap the gifts of your hidden passions for the world to enjoy
  • Strengthens you in the knowledge that you are a person of worth.

Something which you do just for the enjoyment it brings you is an experience unique to you.

It is the product of all that is in you , including parts of you that you may not yet discovered.

Read this book for enjoyment.  Meander through the pages at your leisure.

Feel that sense of exhilaration and atisfaction that comes only from a quality leisure/recreational experience.

Be warned however!  The benefits you get from this experience may astound you.

Through these pages you will begin a journey that dignifies the value of enjoyment.

The journey is made doubly exciting by the uncertainty of where you are going, but with the assurance that you are travelling in a direction you were born to take.

Self-empowering benefits that you can gain from these experiences include increased sel-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and a stronger sense of personal self-worth.

Enjoy Being You points you in a direction only you can take.

Best of all the feeling doesn't end there. It generates a positive ripple effect through everything else in your day. You see life and its difficulties from a new, more positive perspective.

"Enjoy Being You" is the only book you will ever read that helps you identify which interests will uniquely give you these feelings and the benefits you will get from enjoying those interests as often as you can.

What qualifies me to say this?  I have had over 40 years of practical professional experience in helping people plan and develop their unique leisure and recreational interests. People in all walks of life, irrespective of their age, gender, abilities or nationality.   Who else can offer you that sort of expertize?

While you cannot enjoy these interests all the time, the more often you experience them, the more productively and enjoyably you will cope with your life.  In this way, "Enjoy Being You" will truly and naturally change your life.  Isn't that worth a mere $4.95?

I BELIEVE every person has the right to blossom to their full potential, develop their natural talents and follow their passions - at work, home and play.

MY DREAM is for the natural-born potential of the world’s people to be collectively in full bloom, the seeds of their talents fertilized by passionate interests and enriched by shared experiences with like-minded people.

from "My Dream for the World

 Here's what people around the world are saying about "Enjoy Being You":

  • I am reading Enjoy Being You and really like how you put things together so easily. You're making me look at things under a new light and I really appreciate it. - Joe Norton California USA
  • "Enjoy Being You" is not just a book...it has touched my heart deeply. Thank you so much." - I Seidl, Berlin Germany
  • "I read Enjoy Being You as a religion. I am looking for a publisher to spread your message abroad in China. I believe I can succeed. Thanks and best wishes". Ma Huidi, Beijing China
  • "An excellent reminder on how easy it really is to put fun back into life...thanks for helping me 'enjoying being me'." J. Hanlon Adelaide

That’s it folks. No need to complicate one of life's simplest messages.

The rest is up to you and your desire, right and ability to truly enjoy being you.

Enjoy Being You is the best self-investment you will ever make.

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