The person looking out at the world through your eyes never changes. To others you may gradually look older or heavier or balding, and of course life has affected you constantly over the years. Still the core of who you are (not what you do) remains unchanged.

You were born with a mix of talents, abilities and passions unique to you. Some you develop by choice and some according to other peoples’ expectations of you – at work, at home, in the community and at play. You have talents you haven’t developed yet and perhaps some of which you are not even aware because the right set of circumstances haven’t yet arisen.

My People Gardener philosophy has always been based around developing your authentic self - the person who looks out at the world through your eyes. Your strength is in your personal mix of natural talents, passions and potential to contribute something new and different to the world. 

The trouble is, life gets in the way, diverting us in directions we think an economic rationalist world demands us to take if we are to survive.

Through all of this however, your unchanging authentic self is your natural energising resource that drives your personal growth, resilience and enjoyment of life.

The natural way to be in charge of your life's direction is to assert your authentic self. More than just strengthening your ability to cope with whatever comes your way, it's the way to positively create the next chapter in your life.


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