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We are each born with our own unique mix of talents/gifts and a passion to achieve our chosen life purpose.  They’re our natural resources.  The power and energy comes from expressing them through deeply enjoyable experiences and activities. When you lose yourself in an interest you love, you find yourself.  

I was 30 years of age staring out my office window. “35 more years of this?!” I wondered.  “And then a pension….and that’s my life done??” I passionately wanted a reason to live beyond simply earning a fortnightly salary.  On weekends I had purpose as a respected sports administrator.  On weekdays I was working simply to earn money.

I had decided that I hated working with no life purpose. It soon became my mission never to let that happen again – to me or to others.

 I first experienced my transformation at a one-day seminar a few years after the office window episode.  The topic? Leisure as a potentially important social issue. It took me into the professional recreation development world.  For nearly 30 years I helped people of all ages improve the quality and range of their recreational interests.  It taught me much about what makes people tick when they are creatively and freely expressing their positive emotions.

I reflected on those years through my first book (2001) “Enjoy Being You – How leisure can help you become the person you want to be”. The book brought me my first life mentoring job – on an issue seemingly unrelated to my experience – workplace burnout. The deep positive impact of that project on the staff concerned was all the proof I needed that “enjoy being you” applied not just to the quality of recreation but to the quality of life itself. 

That was  in 2003. The subsequent 18 years as a Life Mentor have indeed exponentially expanded and deepened my understanding of the core value of  “enjoying being you” as the positive energizing resource behind our personal growth and development.

A prologue re the arrival of Covid-19 and the deep impact it has had on every facet of our personal and business lives. The three words “enjoy being you” have roared back into vogue as we seek to re-set who we are, what we are good at what others value about us.

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14 May 2024: Announcing my return to being Australia's People Gardener - growing better people. My core slogan being "When you lose yourself in an interest you love, you find yourself". It's when the real self comes alive. Every such experience is a dot along our natural path to grow, flourish and blossom into the person and purpose intended of us.

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