Here’s a couple of respected definitions of mental health and wellbeing (my italics):

"Mental health and wellbeing is the state in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community" -  - World Health Organisation

“We see mental wellbeing as the embodiment of social and emotional wellbeing – not merely the absence of mental illness. Mental wellbeing is a dynamic state in which people are able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build positive and respectful relationships with others, and meaningfully contribute to the community”.   - Vic Health (Victorian State Government)

I see mental wellbeing as an emotionally healthy product of:

  • being able to enjoy regularly expressing one’s natural-born talents through the creative pursuit of passionate interests, at work and in personal life, and mixing often with positive like-minded people. 
  • achieving a realistic work life harmony plan – where you are able to cultivate a harmonious mix of the energy-generating experiences you love and the energy-burning things you have to do.
  • being able to get everything done in your busy schedule and have mental energy to spare.
  • have life-long passionate interests that will enable you to enjoy life for the rest of  your life, irrespective of whether or not you continue to work fulltime

When you lose yourself in an interest you love you find yourself.  The real you comes alive. Your mind works with purpose, your energy levels rise, you feel good about yourself and you grow as a person.  You think more laterally, creatively, enthusiastically and positively.

Using my services you will learn - and blend into your daily life - how to

  • Stay mentally fit and healthy. You know what is needed to stay physically fit and healthy even if you don’t practice it, but what do you do to stay mentally fit and healthy?
  • Renew , strengthen and sustain your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and your sense of self-worth.
  • Avoid letting your stressful life cause you to burn out, become depressed or in danger of suffering stress-related illnesses and social problems

Importantly, only the individual can manage his or her own mental fitness.  In the corporate world, only by cultivating a healthy workplace culture can the mental fitness and wellbeing of staff members be effectively nurtured  and sustained. 

Actions you can take:

  • For the best, most realistic, practical, down-to-earth approach to staying mentally fit for the rest of your life, you can't go past the ideas, information and downright wisdom packed into my latest and best book "The Hunger to Grow".  Click here to go straight to the page or click here to learn more about the book.
  • Try my Mental Energy Plan (it's free and you can print it off - but I would love your feedback when you have tried the plan) 
  • Here's the link
  • Learn how to humanely manage workplace mental/emotional fitness and safety risks as part of your organisation’s Workplace Health and Safety program.
  • Here's the link
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