This program is designed for people who are sincerely in "SEARCH MODE", concerned about their future life and thinking deeply about finding a future that gives them a sense of purpose. 

Life beyond 50 can indeed be a time of richness and fulfillment. It’s a period when we discover the true value of experiences, relationships, and personal growth. Some of the key motivators include:

  1. Growth Mindset: Curiosity and a hunger for learning keep us vibrant. The pursuit of knowledge and new experiences enriches our lives and keeps our minds agile.
  2. Momentum and Purpose: Staying active and engaged is crucial. Momentum propels us forward, and having a purpose gives life meaning. It’s the driving force that keeps us exploring, creating, and contributing.
  3. Embracing the Unconventional: Leaving a safe government job at 36 to become a recreation planner was, in my case, seen by many as a crazy move. As Steve Jobs famously said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” My willingness to step outside the norm led to a fulfilling path.
  4. Fresh Perspectives: Venturing beyond our comfort zones allows us to see the world from different angles. Sometimes, stepping outside the square reveals insights we’d never find within it.
  5. Self-Understanding: As we age, self-awareness deepens. Understanding our motivations, strengths, and weaknesses helps us make better choices and connect more authentically with others.
  6. Comfort in Our Skin: Accepting ourselves, imperfections and all, is liberating. It frees us to express our thoughts, share our wisdom, and inspire others.
  7. Uniqueness: Each of us is born with a distinct blend of talents, passions, and potential. Embracing our individuality allows us to contribute uniquely to the world.
  8. Ikigai: The Japanese concept of “Ikigai” beautifully encapsulates the reason for living. It’s the intersection of what we love, what we’re good at, what the world needs, and what we can be paid for. Finding our Ikigai brings fulfillment.
  9. Age as an Asset: Society is gradually recognizing that age brings wisdom, resilience, and a wealth of experiences. It’s not a problem to be solved but an asset to be celebrated.

If this sort of future appeals to you, let’s chat about my carefully structured process that enables you to unravel the important strengths in your life to date. The ones that give you the foundations on which to build a life designed by you for you. It’s the natural way to enjoy your best life for the rest of your life.

You might find my article "My Appproach to Exponential Personal Growth" useful too.    

You can also do your own free self-check on how much you have been enjoying being your true self over recent months.  Click here for your free download (no email address required)

 You have three options in considering my “How to Enjoy a Purposeful Second Half of Life” program:

 Option 1:


  • Introduction; The Enjoyment Factor - clarifying what that means for you in your life to date       $AUD197

 Option 2:

Sessions 1 and 2

Clarity and Confidence

  • Introduction; The Enjoyment Factor; Positivity; Talents/Gifts; Passions; Emotional Energy; Connection with others; Continuous development for life; Your workshop findings $AUD297

 Option 3

Clarity, Confidence and Courage

  • The full program as shown below. $AUD397

 Momentum is key. The real value of this program (for your money and your life) comes only when your mind is on the move, thinking about your future, seeking to stay purposeful, perhaps even wondering why you are here. 

If you are not yet convinced, my article on “Exponential Personal Growth and Development” will help.

Let's have a conversation.  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time.

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