For generations ‘they’ have said people over 50 are “getting too old to cope with modern technology and rapid changes” that “we have begun the downhill slide, the world is for the young…just prepare to eventually bow out gracefully”. 

It’s a 200-year-old message so we presumed it was true. It took Covid-driven lockdowns to globally shift this thinking in ways people could never do.

Yet we still feel haunted by the idea of a midlife crisis, suggesting our growth ends halfway through our life.  Thoughts like, “is this the real me? Am I where I thought I would be by now?  Am I simply doing what people once told me I should do?

The fact is, in our natural evolution we are beginning to blossom. We do experience new feelings and our priorities can be under intensive review.  There is indeed a shift going on, not just in your mind but in your heart.

The good news is it happens to us all around this time of life. Better still, in this dramatically changing world, our depth of experience, insight and perspective is needed. Authenticity is key.

Men have typically been stuck on the ‘work-is-everything’ bandwagon. Women are more likely to feel the driving seat is getting pleasantly more comfortable. Going in a fresh direction that feels right, not caring quite so much what others might think.

Thoughts like contribution, legacy, shared connections, purpose and  causes are starting to surface. The real riches in life are ahead and its about much more than money.

For many, our first half of life hasn’t yet even scratched the surface.  Personally, I am well into my second half of life and writing richly fresh new chapters in “My Life”. Especially about helping others deepen their enjoyment of life. 

What does it mean in terms of you knowing what to do with these changed feelings? You want clarity of your natural transferable skills, confidence in how and where to apply them, and the courage to act on your decisions.

If you’re asking the question “what comes next for me?”, contact me. Let's chat  about that question together. I choose to be a mentor rather than a coach, because only you know what you would enjoy doing.  I provide the thought process to help you can come up with your best answers.   

You might find my article "My Appproach to Exponential Personal Growth" useful too.    

 You have three options in considering my “How to Enjoy a Purposeful Second Half of Life” program:

 Option 1:


  • Introduction; The Enjoyment Factor - clarifying what that means for you in your life to date       $AUD197

 Option 2:

Sessions 1 and 2

Clarity and Confidence

  • Introduction; The Enjoyment Factor; Positivity; Talents/Gifts; Passions; Emotional Energy; Connection with others; Continuous development for life; Your workshop findings $AUD297

 Option 3

Clarity, Confidence and Courage

  • The full program as shown below. $AUD397

 Momentum is key. The real value of this program (for your money and your life) comes only when your mind is on the move, thinking about your future, seeking to stay purposeful, perhaps even wondering why you are here. 

If you are not yet convinced, my article on “Exponential Personal Growth and Development” will help.

Let's have a conversation.  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time.

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