One of the biggest problems I face in helping people who are considering making the transition from full-time work to a new life adventure is their perception of life beyond the age of 65. It’s essentially true that you cannot know what it’s going to be like until you get there yourself, but a lot of negative perceptions don't help. Having been through it myself and in helping clients do so, I would suggest you can put to rest many of your perceived fears and doubts about your life beyond 65.

I base this on the fact that the authentic you, the person who looks out at the world through your eyes, never changes. In my presentations I often use a slide of me at the age of 14 and me now. I look totally different and much has changed in my life in those intervening years. But in both pictures it is the same me – the authentic me who has never changed since birth. 

Try this yourself with a picture of you in your youth and now. No matter what life has thrown at you in the intervening years, the inner you has never changed. Nor will you do so after you turn 65.

Forget the perceptions you have created about people who have aged for many more years than you. Forget the perceptions of those who think that only people under 40 can cope with the pace and change of modern business life. Forget the perceptions of 'old', a word that I will only use here for the sake of the article’s purpose. 'Old' too is a perception – usually yours of others or others of you. If you think you are old or you think you are not old, you are right! That we age from birth to death is a fact. 'Old' however is an optional choice.

So how will life look like to the authentic you when you go beyond 65 years? You will continue to review and modify your thinking and priorities as you do now. Importantly you will also continue to deepen your understanding of people and life, your insight, your perspective and your wisdom. And you will enjoy continuing to do so for as long as your health permits. A tree doesn’t stop growing at 65 nor do you.

If you know someone considering finding a new adventure in life after leaving full-time work, I would be pleased to chat with them over a coffee. Absolutely no obligation.  0417 817 027.

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