The world has changed. Never more than now have we become so aware of how little society enables us to enjoy being our natural selves.   The gap between  earning money and following our passions  is ever-widening.

 The world of Covid-19 has plunged us into a period of uncertainty and dramatic sudden change.  You not only withdraw to your home, you withdraw into yourself.  Like wanting comfort foods, you look for comfort interests that will help you feel better.  If you can’t think of any, you become bored, depressed and lost. 

As you come to terms with the situation you begin to wonder what’s next.

Do you want to clarify what it means to enjoy being you?  Are you looking for options that continue to develop your natural talents and accumulated wisdom?  I can help you.

 My world for 40 years has been one of promoting the benefits of creative leisure pursuits.  These experiences develop all the positive attributes needed for a long and healthy life. Leisure pursuits are nature’s stress manager.  They develop the tools we need to work better.   

Everything I know on this topic is represented in  a simple model : "Seven Features of Enjoying Being You".


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