"The Invisible Me" is a poem designed to remind you who you really are. Since it is my voice in the video you will hear exactly the sentiments I intended to express. The music was composed by my good friend Rosemary Nairn OAM.

 I encourage you to view this video and, for just 2 1/2 minutes, enjoy reflecting on the fact that you are truly a person of worth.

The person who looks out at the world through your eyes  is invisible - to other people and even to you. Yet she/he is the most real and personal being in your life. The real you is unique in human history. No one else has your mix of talents and passionate interests, let alone your experience of life to date.

That person never changes, no matter what life throws your way. He/she can however become suppressed by other peoples’ expectations of you. Yet even then all of your natural resources are always there ready to be unearthed whenever you want to reinvent your life and re-create the real you.

It's the person I work with, the person you love to be, the person you know as being a person of worth. 

With warmest regards


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