Peter Nicholls

Life Enjoyment Mentor. Personal Development for Enjoying a New Life Adventure

When the enjoyment factor is at the centre of your life, everything else falls ino place.

Why a Life Enjoyment Mentor?

Over 40 years in the business has taught me the enjoyment factor in our lives unlocks why we are here.  Interests we enjoy generate our positive energy, natural abilities, passion and sense of purpose. The natural elements that drive our personal growth and development. When we lose ourselves in interests we enjoy, we find ourselves. 

Every enjoyable experience in our life to date, since our youth and childhood, has been an expression of our authentic self.  They form the foundation of the person we were each born to be, rather than the person  others have influenced us to become. 

Together  we unpack and re-pack those experiences  you want to take forward into your new life adventure.

My speciality is in helping people plan to enjoy a purposeful life after leaving full-time work .


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"Free To Be Me - Why a Life Ethic is Replacing the Work Ethic". A book for these dramatically changing times, July 2023

"Working for the sake of it is no longer seen as the pinnacle of a fulfilling life. Working with a passion to use and develop one’s talents to achieve a desired outcome can be hard work. But it’s work that is energizing, life-enhancing and valuable".

5-Stars Customer Review on Amazon (US) : "Love the essence of Peter's message, love the analogies within, love the storytelling, and love the overall flow. Just couldn't put this one down – read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, as it simply pulled me in and I didn’t want to leave the “mindset” and vibe created once I was deep into it all. Fantastic insights, wisdom and guidance for these challenging times. Dennis Pitocco"

After nearly fifty years of me arguing in favour of the life  and work benefits of the enjoyment factor, the world is at last coming around to my way of thinking . Why and how is all explained in the book.

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