I'm Always Hungry! What's for Dessert?

"Shaping the Future of South Australia - AGEING WELL" is an initiative of the SA Economic Development Board.  I did some work at the State Ageing Well Forum for the organisers KPMG in September 2016, particularly in the area of "Reinventing Self/ Encore Careers".  Here's the link to the full report (which includes a picture of me on p23 leading the Chat Room session on that topic).

We've retired the word "retired". Now we continue to mature - like wine we get better with age!  Age has no bearing on your constant desire to enjoy life and maximize your life's natural potential, irrespective of whether or not you are working.

ROI - Return on Investment - has a wider, more powerful meaning. It's not just about return on your financial investments (important though that is) but about the return on your self-investment. Work is only one part of your life's mission to invest in your natural-born, unique potential.

I am in my 70's and absolutely in the prime of my life. A client of mine gave me a new description of retirement - "what's for dessert? I've finished the main course and I'm still hungry". I see my life more like the universe Big Bang Theory of energy driving the growth of the universe in ever-expanding directions (see my blog on this here).

Some of us decide we don't want to work anymore. Others want to keep working but on their own terms - sort of life/work balance (where work has to fit into life) rather than work/life balance, where life has to fit around work.

The transition from fulltime work is now just one of a series of life adjustments that you might start considering from about age 40 onwards. You realize the clock is ticking and your remaining lifespan is increasingly uncertain. As you pass 50 a sense of urgency begins to take over. By the time you reach 60-65 years, you are feeling this is your last big chance to find and enjoy the life of your dreams.

There is plenty of advice available to help you decide how to best invest your money in retirement. There is precious little help available on how you are going to invest in yourself in your remaining years. That's where I can help.

My services offer a very different and largely untouched area of retirement planning. I focus on what you are going to do in your desire to  continue to enjoy life  without depending on work (at least fulltime work).

Perhaps you had professional help to find what work best suited you. My services help you determine what sort of lifestyle - where work isn't the centre of your life - is best going to give you continuing life satisfaction and purpose.

You have reached an age when you have much greater control over your life.  With  my assistance you can achieve:

  • a positive mindset that opens up exciting options for a new lease on life
  • a wealth of thought- provoking information, ideas and resources to develop in your own time and at your own pace
  • my 30 years experience in helping you discover what really brings you to life, gives you that sense of purpose and dignity, lifts your self belief, self confidence and sense of self worth.

You have a range of action options on this site, from which to choose:

Free resources

Saleable Products

  • "The Hunger to Grow - How to Enjoy Your Dessert Years" is now available at amazon.com in three formats - ebook, audio and printed soft cover book.  It's the book of your future. Click here for more information or go straight to amazon.com.au for your copy.
  • "Enjoy Being You" - powerfully motivating messages on how enjoyment of passionate leisure interests to ensure you blossom to your natural potential
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