Podcasts, recorded interviews (audio and video) and Zoominars (well that's what I call them) have become increasingly valuable and productive media in my efforts to promote the Enjoyment Factor in our lives. The benefits of enjoying life go far deeper than just healthy minds, body and spirit.  Every experience we enjoy actually gives us clues to our purpose in life, who we are capable of being and what we are capable of doing if we don't let life get in the way. 

I have brought the links to all my recordings together on this page for your ease of reference.  They are not necessarily in order of importance or personal preference. More will be added as they become available.

I welcome any new opportunity to be interviewed by people whose networks aim to help people who for any reasons/circumstances are not enjoying life.

I am of course also available for speaking engagements - particularly audiences of people over 50 in community, corporate and government sectors.  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  my mobile phone 0417 817 027.

Taking the Road Less Travelled Has Made All the Difference  My keynote presentation to the Business House of Australia Business Networking Breakfast, Adelaide, 14th November 2023

The Man Space (Zoom Interview) Cultivate Life Ethic for Life Success - interviewed by Dr Kasthuri Henry 3 January 2024


Enjoying Life With Purpose - interviewed by Dr Kasthuri Henry (USA)


Exploring Life Enjoyment and Self-discovery - interviewed by Ron Fiedler Podcast City (Adelaide)


The Death Knell of the Traditional Work Ethic - Successful entry for the 2023 International Speaker Talent Search (USA-based)


How the Enjoyment Factor Frees Us to Live Our Best Lives - interviewed by Sally A Curtis (Adelaide) in her "Success Secrets Exposed" series of interviews


Enjoy It or Die!  Interviewed by Oli Anderson (Bradford UK)


Why Enjoyment Makes Sense of Our Purpose in Life - First podcast in my personal Spotify series "The Enjoyment Factor"


Second Half of Life is the Best Half - Second podcast in my personal Spotify series "The Enjoyment Factor"


My Interview with Sally A Curtis on  Radio New York W4WN How the Enjoyment Factor Frees us to Live Our Best Life♫ How the Enjoyment Factor Frees Us to Live Our Best Lives (iheart.com)

My YouTube Channel @peternicholls8493


How Singing Can Help Restore Your Self-Esteem - My contribution to a "living book' on people's experiences


The Invisible Me - my interpretation of what it means to unlock the true self within


Zoominar 1 14 September 2020 Audio : "Introducing You to the Seven Features of Enjoying Being Your True Self"


Zoominar 2  10 November 2020 Audio: "More about the Seven Features of Enjoy Being Your True Self"


My Soul Story - a personal reflective podcast


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