Peter Nicholls Amelia McLeod Photography 29 3 19 Web 19Why are we sucked in by this word "old"? Who decided anyone was old or at what stage of life one becomes old?  It’s a fact that we age from birth to death but old has always been a matter of perception.  And usually perceptions of other people, not of self..."whether you think you are old or think you are young, you're right!". Nor do I know of any health or social issue that is solely age-related.

Perhaps it didn't matter in the past when life was short. Now we are being told that, despite our increasing longevity and medical advancement, employers are shrinking the working lifespan to as low as age 40! Why? "Because you are 'too old'!" Oddly, many of the people influencing the existence of age discrimination are themselves over 60...interesting!

It's time to stop perceiving society as divided into "us young people" and "those old people".

It's not just a matter of current age discrimination issues.  Globally the numbers of people over 65 are growing faster than those under 65. Sooner or later we shall reach the tipping point beyond which age discrimination of any sort will become totally unworkable.

The good news?  In a world where the "them and us" age division no longer exists 'we young people' will never be old unless we want to.

Now in my 70's, I can and do enjoy my life-long ageing process without being old.

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