A Tree Doesn't Stop Growing At 65 Nor Do You

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  • Statistically speaking, your life after work may be as long as your working life.  Question is how well will you live?
  • You want to live a full, active and purposeful life for all of your life, no matter when or if you plan to quit working fulltime
  • Financial planning for your retirement has been part of  your life ever since you started work.
  • Emotional planning for the sort of life you want to lead after work is something few people do. Like financial planning,  if you leave it until you quit work you have left it too late.
  • I've been there and I continue to enjoy a sense of being valued, purposeful, mentally fit, passionate about helping others, supported by a diversity of networks through which I connect with like-minded energizing people.
  • Your life after work can be a success too...but you must start planning today.

Making a successful emotional transition to life after work is a bit like being able to pull the table cloth (your working life) from under all the crockery and cutlery (what you do with your life) while still keeping your valuables in place (dignity, identity, meaning and purpose).  But it requires preparation - starting today - if you want to get it right.

"A Tree Doesn't Stop Growing at 65 Nor Do You" is my free ease-book you can download and use/distribute (in full only) as you wish (we don't even capture your email address).  It will give you some background thinking to help kickstart your emotional planning for life after work.

Please share the ebook with anyone you know who you think it may interest.

For more information contact Peter Nicholls at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (61) 0417 817 027

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