Being able to see past the public persona of people is a bit like being able to break a concrete block with your bare fist – you have to look beyond the block. My ability to see beyond the public persona of people without judging their vulnerabilities is a major factor in why I am (and love being) a Life Mentor.

We all wear our public mask (usually a blank look) when out in public. It protects our vulnerabilities – especially in the workplace. However it’s the person behind the mask – the private self - who makes all of the decisions about what you do with your life.

For most of us, the private self gets battered around during our 50’s. It sure was an emotional roller-coaster decade for me. The prospect of nearing the end of my career wasn’t in my thinking but I say now that events during those years dramatically changed my thinking about the sort of longer term future I wanted to have.

This post is by way of encouraging you not to let your public persona influence your heart's wishes. Your 50's is the time to back your true self. Your experience and natural abilities have been deepened by your accumulated wisdom. That's the self who wants to take you forward into your future.

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