If you are within ten years of retiring (voluntarily or enforced) you will want to ensure you continue living a long and fulfilling life after you leave work.

The problem is, if you wait until you retire to work out what you want to do next, you will have left it too late. For a seamless transition to life after work you need to start today. How?

You are no doubt regularly investing, say, 10% of your money for your superannuation – perhaps more if you salary sacrifice. Why not also invest 10 % of your week to build on and develop those natural talents and lifelong passions you have always enjoyed (or wanted to enjoy)?  And right away it helps you manage your stress levels too.

A simple first action is to download my brand-new free ebook “A Tree Doesn’t Stop Growing At 65 Nor Do You”, to gain some 21st century thinking on how you can start the process right now towards enjoying a new life adventure after leaving work.  Click here to go to the download page

I made a successful transition and am still passionately enjoying life. You can too. But make it a long steady transition from today rather than a shock stop 'n start.

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