Beware the "Retired Husband Syndrome"

The days of the one-income family are fading. But the following story still resonates with many of us. Hubby earned the money and his wife stayed home and raised the children. Then hubby retired with no plans for his future. Meantime his wife has over the years built life-long personal interests.

The husband, feeling lost, looks for options such as:

“Where are you going dear? Can I come too?”

“We can do the shopping together now”

“Why do you do it that way dear? I know a better way”.

Personal space has disappeared. The relationship is being tested and each is individually facing problems about their future.

In fact the problem is the same for a dual-income relationship. Research shows retirement-related stress is felt more by the wife, not just at retirement but, if the problems are not addressed, more so as time goes by. Men to note!

Enjoying life after work revolves around the freedom to express your authentic unchanging inner self. Start by each of you separately listing every type of interest you love, especially those you enjoyed before you met. Discuss how you might each help the other expand their interests.

It’s another reason for planning well in advance of quitting work. I can help you. Let's have a virtual coffee chat about your findings.

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