All the publicity on life after work is about how much money you will need. Very little attention is given to the emotional and mental impact such a transition can have on you. Many people have died from retirement within months of leaving work purely because of the impact it had on their very reason for living.

Our rapidly ageing society is a global issue and we need to take a much more modern 21st century approach to ageing. We all want to make the most of our statistical expectancy of living a longer and healthier later life.

Your new life adventure after you leave work needs to embrace all of the following emotional factors – expressing your authentic self, creative enjoyment, unique abilities, emotional energy (interests that energize you), passions, a positive outlook, connecting with like-minded others, and a desire to keep growing.

I myself remember, a few months after I left work, sitting at home thinking “if I sat here all day no one would give a damn”. There was no-one specializing in helping me work out what I would actually do with the rest of my life. It was up to me to figure it out for myself.  You however now can access my subsequent personal and professional experience in helping others make the emotional leap into a new life adventure.

Importantly, the fact that you are different to everyone else continues for the rest of your life. Only you can know the real you and your emotional needs. Talk to me about my program that respects that fact. It gives you a structure that enables you to come up with your own custom-designed plan.

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