The second half of life

The first half of life prepares us for the richness of the second half of life. Forget the outdated perceptions of life ending at the half-way stage, of being over the hill and on the downhill slide. 

The reality: as we move into the second half, we are starting to realize that, while we measure age in years, we measure growth in depth. Depth of understanding others and self, depth of insight, depth of perspective. Our thinking doesn’t wane…it explodes into exploring new areas of curiosity, awe and what we truly value in life.

The worst dampener is that word “old”. It is more than just a negative perception we place on anyone who has aged 15 or more years longer than us.  The very word kills our desire to continuously grow and enjoy regular new leases of the life we were born to enjoy. To explore our full natural potential that can go far beyond what we achieve in our working years.

if we leave this sort of thinking until we quit work, we leave it too late. Maintaining the momentum of a growth mindset is crucial to a seamless transition from the end of work to the beginning of a new life adventure.

I can help get your pre-retirement thinking on track. Start by grabbing your free copy of my brief ebook “A Tree Doesn’t Stop Growing at 65, Nor Do You”

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