“He just makes sense” is one of the most rewarding expressions of feedback I get in response to my writings and public speaking presentations.

An acorn ‘knows’ that, because of its natural ingredients, it is destined to become an oak. If it could talk about its personal growth it would make sense.

Long ago, we humans adopted an artificial approach to determining growth and potential. We called it the traditional work ethic and it doesn’t make sense.   

Enjoyable experiences are nature’s way of discovering, developing, energising and managing our natural talents, gifts and passions. We make sense of our lives when we connect the dots of all those experiences we have to date enjoyed in our lives.

By recalling the best parts of our life story so far, we make sense of what our best future could be like.

If your current life situation doesn't make sense to you, click here to check out my one-one “Enjoy Being Your True Self” program. Together we join the dots of your best past as the foundation on which you can plan your best future.  

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