The new post-pandemic world future demands a different approach to the way we think. It’s time to consider life from a left-field perspective. Re-thinking the previously unexpected, the unthinkable, the crazy, the unusual. As the TV series “1% Club” puts it, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about the way you think”. 

I’ve been professionally seeing life from a left field perspective for nearly 50 years. The first half as a Recreation Planner, focusing on what makes people tick at the weekend – the ‘life’ side of the work / life wall. That’s weird in itself. We saw life as working for five days (or more) and living for two days (or less). No wonder working people were stressing, burning out and even committing suicide. Many literally died of boredom after they left work.

Since 2003 I have been a Life Enjoyment Mentor (under various titles), advocating enjoyment not simply as fun, but as the core driver of who we really are and our purpose in being here. Given the business perception that work and enjoyment were like chalk and cheese, such thinking was always a battle.

Covid lockdowns brought the world to a screeching halt, triggering a paradigm shift in every aspect of life.  People now want to enjoy all their life – at work, home and play. What was once left field thinking helps us not just how to enjoy life, it clarifies our purpose. People are now  telling me, “he makes sense”.  

Left field thinking is ‘in’, not just in what I do but for all of us.

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