Are you too busy to take care of your health? Most of us are guilty of that as we hurry from one urgent responsibility to the next. For many it's a badge of honour to tell people you are so busy. But I haven't heard anyone express praise that so-and-so died because of their love of being busy.

Busy-ness is in fact at the crux of virtually all lifestyle issues today - stress, work life harmony, health, unexpected major  life changes and especially when it comes to life after fulltime work - even if you opt to keep working.  

In my lifestyle business I have often said to potential clients "if you're too busy to see me, you probably need me". They often give me a wry smile and go on their busy way.  

Lifestyle health is still a strange bedfellow in today's frenetic world. Like the alcoholic, the busyaholic or workaholic doesnt see a problem until its too late.  The cemetries are full of people who thought they were indispensible.

All I am saying is give health a chance (with apologies to the Beatles). 

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