It's amazing the difficulty I have in getting people to give time to themselves and their own needs - especially their own emotional needs. Our society has become so hung up on the belief that life is about meeting the expectations of others. We have been carefully taught for generations by the work ethic that it is wrong to give time to self, that giving of self to others is the honourable way to go.

I find the biggest deterrent to spending time on self is guilt.  Giving time to self still endures a tinge of slacking off.

Don't get me wrong. True happiness comes through helping others (I hope this message helps you). But in doing so to the total exclusion of self brings with it the risks of insidious long term health problems - physical, mental and social.  Research today shows that a huge percentage of the population suffer mental illness of some sort.

The positive side can be seen in anyone you know who always seems to be on top of situations, calm in the crisis and evidence of mental strength. You will find that behind such people is a regular "switch off and switch on" factor. They regularly switch their mind off from stresses (even just for a few minutes) and switch on to a freely-chosen enjoyable interest that recharges their mental batteries - be it physical or mental it is emotionally satisfying. 

Do your life a huge favour and regularly enjoy some "me time, my time, my choice".      

Now and years from now you will be so glad you did.

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