High self esteem, strong self belief, talent development, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and engagement. All key words in business jargon to get the best out of people. All vital in the battle to attract and keep the best people, sustain high productivity, keep staff costs down and manage stress. 

These are also key words in describing the benefits of passionate leisure experiences. Even more importantly, the benefits ripple through everything in life - at work and in personal life.

So why do we still regard work and leisure as separate, unrelated, even competing elements of life (see "The Kick in the Guts We Needed" Blog) ?  Why not join forces?

Tell your people (nicely!) to "get a life"  outside of work. Encourage them to enjoy at least one passionate leisure interest, because you want the benefits to ripple through to the job.

The very message itself will impress your staff.   

They will be even more impressed if you offer them the opportunity to re-discover which interests give them those benefits, by experiencing my Lifestyle Review process. Go here for more details, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 0417 817 027.

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