The unquenchable yearning to follow our heart is there in each of us. Some of us know it and live it to the full. For many it’s more often in our personal life. It can be buried at work by the desire to earn enough money to more than pay the bills.

So it was for me for my first 12 working years. Enjoying my personal life was enough to satisfy me. At 30 I wondered, “thirty-five more years of this? And then what?”. The yearning had stirred. No answers. Simply a realization from deep within that I was born with a natural unquenchable yearning to follow my heart.

Four frustrating, searching years followed, with still no answer. “I wonder if I would be any good at….?” was my ever-present question. Suddenly my heart, mind and life came together in the form of a one-day seminar on Leisure as a Social Issue. I went on to gain my Graduate Diploma in Recreation Planning (with Distinction). From then to today has been a wondrous journey of transition and revelations.

Have you resolved your unquenchable yearning to follow your heart? It’s there and it’s never too late. Perhaps start searching for it by asking “I wonder if I would be any good at….?”  

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