The Enjoyment Factor reminds me of the scene in The Beverley Hillbillies. Granny had created her famous elixir. When asked what it cured, she replied "Watcha got??"

Enjoyment - the moment to moment type of enjoyment and the deeper emotional enjoyment of life - are like Granny's elixir. It's nature's antidote for stress, at work and in personal life. More than that it generates all the energy you need to make the most of your life and talents.

Enjoyment isn't just nice to experience. Any experience you create for enjoyment provides powerful and life-changing improvements to the quality of your mental fitness, your workplace mental health and safety, your workplace culture and your work life harmony (more realistic and cost-effective than work life balance). Importantly, it's what will feed your continuing hunger to grow in your dessert years.

Create your own regular doses of enjoyment every day...a little enjoyment goes a long way and guards you against stress-related illnesses.  It doesn't cost a cent and you can get it anytime from your internal emotional care shop.

And if you/your workplace are having difficulty finding that shop, many previous clients have found my particular "GPS system" very effective! 

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