You are the only person in human history with your particular mix of talents and passions. So you have the potential to achieve outcomes that no other person – past, present, or future – can replicate.

An awesome thought. Makes you pretty special - at least in theory. First though…what natural talents do you know you have and use? What passions do you enjoy pursuing? What turns you on in terms of what you do in your life (not just in your work), for what purpose, for whose benefit?

Return on investment (ROI) normally relates to financial investments with the aim of increasing the value and benefits of the investment.  What if you applied the term ROI to the use of your natural-born talents and passions?

The 1930 Australian penny is worth a fortune because there are so few.  Since your talents and passions are unique in human history, imagine the potential of their value to you and to the world – but only if developed and used wisely.

You will finally be valued not for your money or financial success but for the extent to which you have developed, maximized and contributed to others your unique talents, passions and potential. 

It’s never too late to start making a difference. Is the world getting full value from your unique talents and passions? If not, the world is losing something very special that only you could provide.

Enjoy being you 

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