For too long there has been a sharp edge dividing work and leisure. While work life balance has become a popular buzzword, most of us feel one is fighting the other for the lion’s share of our time, energy, development and, frankly, our enjoyment of life.

Nature makes no distinction between work and leisure. You naturally always want to enjoy satisfying your insatiable hunger to keep on growing and allowing your potential to blossom. It doesn’t start and stop with your working career.  Typically your fastest spurt of personal growth was in your first five years when all you did was play.

Any interest in which you intrinsically enjoy creatively expressing your talents and passions energises your drive to keep growing. Blurring the sharp edges between work and leisure helps to keep the whole of you growing, not just the working you.

I hope you will enjoy 2016.

"The Enjoyment Factor" will be my 2016 theme. I invite you to journey with me in ensuring 2016 is a year of enjoyment for you, your family, your friends and your work colleauges. I will be offering a range of options if you would like to strengthen The Enjoyment Factor in your life or in your workplace.

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