Freedom - perhaps the greatest, most positive and potentially the most morale-boosting word in the world today.  To those without it, freedom is a dream they cherish and long for. To those who have it, the greatest danger is to take it for granted.

Perhaps your most basic freedom is the freedom to choose what you enjoy. When it comes to choosing your work, there are many factors to be taken over and above simple enjoyment.

When it comes to leisure pursuits, you are in total control of the choice, the actions, the reasons, the extent to which you want to develop your abilities, who to do it with or to do it alone,  whether it be physical or mental, active or passive,  the place, the time, and more.

Reflect for a moment on the interest you passionately enjoy for its own sake. How does it make you feel? What does it do for your self-esteem and self-confidence? How much does it de-stress you and sustain your resilience to cope with everything else in your life?  

It's a freedom we too easily take for granted, even leaving until after 'all the more important things are done'.  And don't forget that others in your life, including your staff, also have the freedom to choose and enjoy their own leisure interests.

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