I love the analogy of a full life being like a big dipper water slide. A wild journey packed with bumps and thumps, ending finally with a huge splash as you yell “WOW!! what a ride!”. The question for you is….will the final splash come for you at the end of your working career or at the end of your life?   

 The 20th century (19th century?) idea of “retirement” as a time of effectively shutting the door on your life and value is totally out of place in a 21st century world of rapid social changes  and a healthy expectation to continue growing and blossoming as a person for many years beyond 65.

 Yes I thought I had retired in the tradional way when my career came to an end.  But 21st century events soon told me my career skills were still highly valued and needed by people very different to the ones I served in my career. In reinventing myself as a Life Mentor I built my own new water slide, one I could enjoy riding as much as I wanted. Designed to provide bumps and thumps that accord with my skills and experiences, taking me in the direction of people who value me and need my skills. I plan to keep riding that slide until my health tells me “Last ride Peter…enjoy it”.

The traditional work ethic is rapidly changing into a growth ethic. It’s a bit like the tree that doesn’t stop growing at 65, knows no distinction between work and leisure and instead of getting old it becomes increasingly significant.  

21st century living needs 21st century thinking. You are at the cusp of a global ageing revolution that has already begun. A revolution firmly based on valuing your continued accumulation and expression of your experience, knowledge, perspective, depth and wisdom.

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