How often have you witnessed a great event? An event that has touched your emotions so strongly that the feeling absorbs your mind almost more than the event itself. I felt that way just now when experiencing (not simply watching) that great scene from The King’s Speech (the movie is on YouTube) where the King’s confidence is steadily growing as he delivers his wartime speech without stuttering. Significant for me was the music that flowed gently in the background of the scene, building...building...building as the voice became transformed from “Bertie” the family man to His Royal Highness King George. The music became the voice of the emotion.

Music inspires emotions and emotions can inspire music. Be it the emotions of sadness, triumph, beauty, achievement or joy. In the case of the King's speech, the music conveyed the emotion of overcoming a great struggle and the opening of doors through which he would walk as a great leader.

Next time you experience a significant success or momentous occasion at work, at home, at play or in community life, what music would you love to hear that would give voice to the emotions you are feeling? And any time you feel down, choose some music that would lift you back to being the real you.

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