To understand your true self, your abilities and your significance in the world, look no further than a mature tree in your neighbourhood. As a rule of thumb the root system of that tree is one and a half times the height and width of what you can see. The hidden root system means everything to that tree:

  • the breadth and depth gives the tree the stability it needs to withstand the constant battering of winds and storms
  • Is ever-searching far and wide for everything the tree needs for its energy and nutrients to live a flourishing life

The tree doesn’t stop growing at some pre-determined age. It continues for as long as its health and supporting ecology allows and makes no work/leisure distinction for its growth. It provides a home, shelter and resources for all in nature that need it. A tree that ages well is called significant - a guardian of wisdom and dignity, inspiring us all.

You were born with unique natural hidden strengths on which the real you depends for your resilience, growth and the right to flourish. Like the tree, your seed carried all you need to become a person of unique significance.  It's a process that never stops, for as long as you remain healthy and have the support of those who love you.

As you decorate your Christmas tree this year, I trust that the joy and peace it brings to your home reflects something of your own life's continuing development and significance.

Have a great stress-less holiday break :)

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