As parents of teenagers/young adults, we so often sit back and let them take over the high-tech responsibilities in the home or in other family situations.  We like to encourage them to learn and gain confidence in their abilities.  But in doing so are we at the same time affirming the concept of ageism? that we are in effect saying to them "I am too old for this?" Or "I would rather leave it to the enthusiasm of youth"?  It takes little for the younger person to quickly believe they know better than the older people not just in home high-tech but in everything. 

Maturity brings with it the responsibility to teach and lead the younger generation on how to exist, grow and manage their lives in this rapidly changing world.  Ageism feeds not on the enthusiasm of youth but on older people who decide its all getting too hard!

Cultures are built not on the major breakthroughs but on the subtleties of our daily actions and beliefs.



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