Cultivating the brand of “Australia’s People Gardener” gets some diverse reactions. Some people love it. Others suggest it doesn’t present a good business image, the implication being that business is about playing hard-headed mind games in the battle for the dollar. No place for emotional sentiment.

I find that’s a perception people have of other people, not themselves. Success, not just in business but in life, is about passion, inspiration, determination, anguish, guts and every other emotion you can name. The head plays a role but the heart makes the big decisions. The people who really succeed in business do it first and foremost because they are passionate. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail but their heart is at the centre of everything they do.

Gardeners use their heads when cultivating vigorous plant growth but it’s their heart and passion for gardening that’s driving their efforts. Calling myself a people gardener is just a further evolution of me getting to know and express my true self better. What better example can I give of the nature of my business – my passion for helping people blossom through better knowing and expressing their true selves.

How do I do that? Click here to find out.

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