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2020 brought us probably the most significant life shift we will ever make in our lifetime. Totally unexpected. Life - indeed time itself - stopped...globally. Yet we did have time – time to stop and think like we have never done before.

We think about what’s most important to us when we get married, pass a 'Big 0' stage of life, or have a midlife crisis, . Usually it’s a measured process of planning the change while life rolls on around us.

In the eerie silence when Covid first hit, we wanted to get back to the way things were. Eventually we began to realize we never want to go backwards. We want to keep going forward. But how?

More than ever we need to focus on the basics of what makes us tick as individuals. It’s time to realize our identity isn’t found in the work we do but in who we are, what we love doing and our natural-born gifts that no-one else on earth can duplicate.

It's become vital to enjoy being and backing our authentic selves.


 Go here for information on my  "It's Vital to Enjoy Being You" Program. Three 90 minute sessions - in person (Adelaide only) or via Zoom. 

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