Enjoyment drives our lives 1In a work ethic world enjoyment was seen as separate to work – some fun or pleasure that gives you a rest from the realities of an economic rationalist world. Bosses often saw it as a competitor to work – slacking off in a world where “time’s money!”.  

Enjoyment is in fact the desire to live the life we want and love – work and personal life. It’s about why we are here. We can have fun for a day. Enjoyment however activates our life of purpose, fulfilment and service to others. Enjoyment drives our self-esteem, self-confidence, taking control of our lives, developing talents, unleashing  passionate interests, growing the person we were born to be as distinct from playing roles we think others expect of us.

If you are feeling that the life you lead is out of sync with what you would love to be doing, you would enjoy my structured self-review of what you have enjoyed over your life to date, especially those experiences that triggered new growth in you. They are the ones giving you the foundation you want for a new life adventure of enjoying being your authentic self. 

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