Last night I was privileged to see the wonderful Australian documentary film When We Sing. The hauntingly beautiful song Never Turning Back (by Pat Humphries) behind the credits rounded off the film’s powerful message that music inspires us to enjoy the fullness of life in all its glory.

There have been times in my life (as I’m sure in yours) where I have thought about going back to a situation or a person that I left behind for whatever reasons. Sometimes it was a situation outside of my control, the passing of which left me sad and wishing it didn’t have to end.

The song reminded me that the past is past and cannot be changed. I only have now, from this moment on to value and use beneficially. The value of the past is in what it has taught me about how to deal with the now and the future. It’s a past that I gratefully acknowledge has presented me with unique rich knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The real positives lie in the magnificent uncertainty of what my future still holds, what teachers are still to appear when I, the student, am ready and what doors are waiting for me to open if only I will but knock. I to continue to enjoy playing out my unique role in life with this aim, quoting from my book, The Hunger to Grow:

“You will want to feel that at the end of “Your Life” the rest of the cast and your audience will give you a standing ovation, acknowledging you have given a performance they will never forget”.

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