A busy time for me lately. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Invited to participate in a KPMG Adelaide Workshop on Ageing Well as a precursor to the State Government’s State Forum on Ageing Well.
  • My input to the workshop resulted in KPMG inviting me to lead one of the Chat Rooms at the State Forum – my topic was “Re-Inventing Self / Encore Careers”.
  • More to come as a result of the Forum. The intensity of discussions clarified the fact that age is irrelevant when it comes to contributing productively to the knowledge and wellbeing of society
  • Gave a keynote at the 2016 Disabilities and Ageing Expo in the Goyder Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds over the loudspeaker system. Interesting experience talking to nobody in particular and everyone in general. Was delighted to get enthusiastic applause from a wide area of the Expo including one stand holder coming up to congratulate me on a wonderful presentation.
  • Held an “Enjoyment Experience” at The Nest Bistro in suburban Walkerville, with the key event being a Conversation between Nicola Lipscombe of “Powerful Listening” and me. It was a highly successful event in collaboration with The Nest, the Walkerville News Shop and Powerful Listening. While my book “The Hunger to Grow”was the central theme, the event was of benefit in many ways to all the businesses involved. A feature was the production by the Nest of a dessert which was an excellent representation of the book’s cover.
    The Hunger to Grow
  • Now in discussion with the Catalyst Foundation, Adelaide to conduct a series of 2-hour workshops on a variety of topics linking Lifestyle and Business.

Lifestyle issues are increasingly affecting business engagement, productivity and mental wellbeing (to mention just a few issues). My approaches are simple, realistic, purposeful and cost effective. Of special value to SME’s. Give me a call on 0417 817 027.

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