The eye-opening fact about the second half of life is that we move into a new and deeper dimension of living compared to the first half.

We begin to see life differently. A client recently put it so meaningfully when he compared it to Michelangelo’s perception of a piece of marble hiding a statue it was his responsibility to find.

We don’t like the word retire. We are also realizing the stagnating negativity of the word “ageism”. We want to always keep on living a busy active life for as long as we can stay healthy and alert.  A belief that itself helps us stay healthy and alert longer! 

While we measure age in years we measure growth in depth. Not in a linear fashion but in a multi-dimensional way – adding perspective, insight and wisdom to our ever-growing knowledge and experience. 

We trigger a chain reaction firing up the enjoyment of our talents, connections, passions, energies, positivity and continuous development. We become greater than the sum of each of these dimensions.

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