We all have dreams or cherished ideas of what we would like to see happen or to make happen. We have unlimited scope to pursue dreams. With nothing counting on the outcome, we can play with the dream, experiment with possibilities, travel down a variety of paths, explore the unknown, and talk with people who might share the dream.
We have the freedom to think outside the square about how to achieve the dream. There is no pressure to find the answers. Bask in the pleasure of having at least spent some time visualizing the dream a little more clearly.

Imagine, however, the thrill of chancing on something that might bring the dream one step closer to reality. Dare to have faith in your dreams. Make the most of your full array of skills, interests, learning and experiences to turn your dreams into reality.

You cannot fail, you can only learn. The great achievements of the world began with a thought and a dream. The next great achievement could well be yours.
Excerpt from “Enjoy Being You”, Peter Nicholls 2001

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