“The secret of enjoying new things is in not knowing the outcome. The secret of life is not in knowing what it is all about but in the journey of discovery. It is uncertainty that gives life its spice. How limited our horizons would be if we knew where we were going and what the result of our efforts would be.

A vision, no matter how clear, is never quite the same as the product or result created. The wonder of creation is that we can never foretell the result. The reality produces exhilaration beyond anything the mind can anticipate.

When you seek to do something new, you are entering on a journey of discovery, buoyed by a sense of anticipation. You are entering a world of magnificent uncertainty. Uncertainty spawns curiosity, exploration, testing and learning, taking us from the unknown to the known.

The more we know, the more we grow. The more we grow, the greater our joy. The greater our joy, the more we want to know. This cyclical journey becomes itself the end, spurred on by the glorious enigma of uncertainty.“
- Extract from my book “Enjoy Being You”, 2001

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