The world of life after work is dramatically changing. To ensure a long healthy life into your 80’s, 90’s or beyond, there are now so many new exciting and purposeful perspectives to consider. Let’s get your creative planning juices flowing ….

You might see your new life adventure as a change from:

• Disengaging from work to re-engaging with life
• Working for pay to working for play
• Working with purpose to living with purpose
• The limits of working to the freedom of living, or
• The lows of working to the highs of living

It could perhaps be like:

• Turning over a new leaf
• Trading in your old life for a new one
• Starting an encore career
• Reinventing your self
• Recycling your developed skills to meet a changed need
• Recharging your battered batteries
• Saying yes to exploring new possibilities

I just want to unblock your thinking about what you can still achieve in life. Any of the above could apply to you. How you apply them will be unique to you.

It doesn’t require your time yet...just a change in your perspective, a paradigm shift away from 19th C traditional perceptions to 21st century continuing development.

21st century living is like nothing we have ever known before…and so too will be your life after work.

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