No matter what age you are, Covid-19 has caused you to wonder what impact the world today and in the years  to come will have on your life.

It's time to get back to the basics of what it means to enjoy being your true self. The real you who wants to:
Enjoy a fulfilling life of purpose,
• Stay mentally fit for a long healthy life
• Never let age get in the way of continuing to grow as a person
• Be always valued for who you are and what you do
• Confidently say what you really believe
• Know how to sustain the energy to cope with problems, and
• Know when to say yes to opportunities put to you.

What you will learn in my Zoominar 2 is based on my 50 years of professional experience helping people improve the quality of what they enjoy in life. Thirty years in recreation planning and development and 20 years as a Life Mentor. You will enjoy a refreshingly different and positive perspective on your continuing potential.

You naturally control what you enjoy. The 7  Key Features of Enjoying Being Your True Self will give you clarity of everything you need to know to unpack your strengths and repack those you want to take forward to your future.

Full details appear in the image below.  Register your place now at

I look forward to meeting you on the call.

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