Think of the person who left your organisation after many years of faithful service. You lost so much more than the skills in their job specification. They might have been the person who could solve computer problems, or who organised the social functions, counselling skills when tragedies struck, had good artistic skills for designing flyers and brochures, the problem solver, provide music for a business event, the “mr/ms fix it” when something goes wrong with the equipment… the list goes on.

You know what it does for your self-esteem to become known as the “go to “ person in your workplace to meet certain needs that are not part of your job but which you are renowned for providing. Of course your “go to” talents aren’t reserved for the work place. You developed them in your own time because you enjoy being good at them.

Having meaning and purpose in life tends to generate lofty-minded thoughts of being able to change the world in some way unique to you…and if that’s your passion, go for it! Yet it’s the “go to” skills that we all develop over our lives that make the world go round each day. Your “go to” skills can be made more widely available come the day you are no longer chained to the limits of your working day. And the thanks and admiration you get will never lose their value, giving you a true sense of purpose in your life.

Be proud of what you are good at doing.  Your value as a "go to" person will always be needed.

I am shortly to announce details of my forthcoming “Alternatives to Retirement” half-day workshop in Adelaide. I am also available for one-one consultations. Call me on 0417 817 027 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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