Ariound 140 stress-related claims per year are being made by teachers in the South Australian education system at a cost of some $10 million per annum.  Another news heading last night on ABC television made reference to a disturbing growth in mental stress issues in the workplace.

When is the business world and the health sector going to stop bemoaning the prevalence of increasing mental illness and start taking notice of ideas for keeping people mentally healthy, building resilience and sustaining mental energy?? When will we start focusing less on the problems of finding cures and focus more on preventing mental illness?

Nature does have a remedy that has existed since Adam was a pup.  You can read about it in detail elsewhere on my website. Click here.

It's a long statement- resist the temptation to read just the first and last para if you want to really start tackling mental health positively and productively. 

It's enough to get you started doing your own program without my help but call me if you want to know more.

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