I like the saying. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. It’s a guard against the frustrations that come from trying to be someone you are not. However I think it can be said more positively, “No-one else can be you”.

There is something in you that sets you apart. You were born with a unique mix of talents/gifts the potential of which is best maximized by following your passions. Even others who share your passion do so from perspectives different to yours.

When you reach your 60's you enter an exciting era, a new freedom to open up the potential for you to ‘live younger longer’.  Work or not, it's time to back your true self, to focus on doing what you're good at and how that can enrich your life and that of other people who value your abilities.  Your difference becomes your strength.

While I enjoyed my structured career as a Recreation Planner, I now love the freedom of lifestyle mentoring, to do things my way on my terms and enabling me to realize my personal goals.

For a deeper understanding of your unique potential, my book "The Hunger to Grow" is your essential first step.  Click here to get your copy.

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