My business can be described in one word : 'ease'. (Not 'easy'.)

When you lose yourself in an interest that you love, you are at ease. My clients say I put them very much at ease and that my messages exude a sense of ease.  We can't feel at ease all the time, but it is essential to be mentally at ease often.

Literally, the opposite to living with ease is one of feeling un-easy,...

ill-at-ease, or experiencing dis-ease... words that are very definitely recognized as being unhealthy states. It can be a silent, subtle feeling, perhaps one of just going through the motions, itching to find a new spark in your life's journey.  A prolonged state of unease can lead to depression, burnout, chronic illness, even suicide.

Thesaurus synonyms of 'ease'...

include words like calmness, composure, contentment, enjoyment, free, liberty, naturalness, peace of mind, readiness, satisfaction, tranquillity, simplicity. The list goes on to put 'ease' in a slightly more expressive perspective; skilfulness, improve, expertise, efficiency, dexterity, make easier.

When you look at these synonyms ease becomes a more realistic goal to achieve when reviewing what sort of lifestyle you want in terms of achieving true self-actualization (Maslow's term for the ultimate in self-development).

I see living with ease as...

a life in which the authentic you is alive and flourishing in your personal life and your working life.  If not, I suggest something is out of kilter about linking who you are, the life you lead and/or the work you do. 

If you are feeling uneasy about quitting full-time work,...

it's likely your fears are less about the money and more about what is going to get you out of bed each day with a sense of valued long-term purpose.  This is the time for you to clarify who is the real you, what other people value in you and what makes you different to other people.  And then back yourself!

I've been through it and loving the freedom of now living my life my way. It's not always easy but I enjoy feeling at ease with who I am, what I do for others and for my own sense of life satisfaction.

I can help you work through all of the talents, gifts, passionate interests and abilities you have enjoyed using throughout your life. These form a realistic, practical and positive basis on which to re-create your life, one centred around expressing your authentic self.

Easy! :)

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